Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Close my eyes for a while
Forced from the world, a patient smile.
Teardrops raindrops
Redundant blood drops
How can you say that your truth is better than ours?
Shoulder to shoulder brother, we carry no arms
The blind man knew, will know, knows
Bullets shred dove wings, hatred shows
And a harmony echoes.
You rip it from my hands and swear it’s all gone
And you do anything you can just to say you have won.
Close my eyes for a while
I can still hear the pain, no longer a smile.
Peace monger
The blind man has seen this all before
A constant strive to settle a score
And I’ll keep my eyes closed
Even though
the tears still show…

Thursday, December 2, 2010

emp T

the refigerator hums
it screams in the corner
screams for release
for being constrained for too long.
white (brick) walls.
brown stifling cupboards
a (too hard) floor
the piano's solace echoes off the pictures
magneted to its face.
pictures of smiles
of company once held in sweet
embraces echo off its face.
touched by a cold finger down the spine

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So with all the going-ons that have been passing these few weeks, I'm proud to say I've been nominated for Peace Corps service and have moved onto the next part of my application! Apparently, the specified program (as it stands) that I would be fulfilling is a community service program in Central or South America and my anticipated departure date will be August 2011. In order to even be nominated I had to have completed my application, gone to an hour and a half interview with my local recruiter, and successfully passed a legal background check. After waiting and waiting, I've been nominated. This means I have to wait even longer! (Who knew the process would take so long!) Now, I've been sent my medical packet which is presenting itself to be the most gruelling part of the application process thus far...I have to get a physical, see the eye doctor, go to the dentist, and get them all to fill out and sign these huge packets of forms. Because all my doctors are in Colorado, I have to wait until I go home for Thanksgiving and spend my entire first day making my rounds throughout the medical field! Either way, I'm so excited!!!

Also, today I'm going for a job interview at the University Medical Center. It sounds like such an easy job and it pays reallllllly well...I won't be doing slavework and be getting paid crap like I am now at Slaveway. AND they allow time and a half over time! I'm stoked! Even though I'm pretty sick, it seems like things are in my favor lately. I didn't get a chance to pay my rent until today and my landlady told me not to worry about the late fee because I'm such a good tennant! AND I'm getting paid on Friday and starting my diet on Monday with Danny, Petey, and Brian.

I'm slightly nervous about the diet...it's supposed to allow you to lose 1-3 pounds a day. I'm not sure that kind of weightloss is healthy...but whatever works, right? I want to make sure I'm at least fit-looking for Halloween and skinny (enough) when I go home for Thanksgiving. I want that approval from my family. Is that such a terrible thing? I want that approval for myself, and this seems to be the way to do it!

I'm so excited for Tiffany to come for Halloween!! It's gonna be tight this year...but TJ is contacting his dad about the keg, I've already bought liquor for the jungle juice...the only thing we need now is time to decorate! I need to get TJs butt in gear about moving the couches around and I need to get my own butt in gear with buying my costume! Halloween is always a blast =).

OKay, enough update. I'm outttttttttt like a light.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

SB 1070 Video for POL 428

Here's my video on political evil for POL428...Tiffany actually gave me the idea to post the video to my blog :-)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Stone

I'm holding a grudge against the flowers
who pose as your neighbors
the ones who try to mimic your purity
I trace your name engraved in the red stone so much
it makes no sense any more.
The breeze rests its weary head on my shoulders,
encouraging me that everything will be okay.
How can anything be right
when I'm sitting on a stone placed beside a fountain
in memory of you?
My tears splash on the silence of this sacred moment
even so, I wish your laughter would shatter it.
I'm holding a grudge against the obstinance of time
and would rewind every experience
just to see your lips crease into a smile again.
I press my cheek on the warm belly of the stone,
squeezing my eyes so tightyly as to watch memnories of you
like a film without sound
I'm holding a grudge against the clouds that pass you overhead,
against their freedom.
Even still, I know you lay not in this stone or even by this fountain,
I leave with the reassurance that your spirit accomanies me
with every adventure, that your soul sees through our eyes
and that your smile is reflected every moment one of us draws a breath.
In essence, I'm holding a grudge against myself.
My selfishness and my envy,
my jealousy that you're not here
for me to hold.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The authority of government proceeds from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of violence

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


He grows inside someone he does not recognize.
The brief awkward moment that happens
when two land-locked lovers touch toes,
both yearning for the sea-like navy life.
Feeling alive with every pen stroke, every mark:
births a new idea.
Antecedents only to each other,
drawing, giving birth to a connection.
Becoming a part of a legend with a jagged ledge
that fingers caress legibly.
Lips give life to wafts of clouds in a chapped, blistering cold.
So cold that nose hairs freeze when breath,
so damn cold eye juices turn to tiny ice cubes.
He placed them in his whisky glass and filled it with mourning.
As the sun rises over the moment frozen in time,
it’s so peaceful here.
Pines and aspens point to their mother,
snow muffles the grass’ purpose.
The deepest creases aren’t the ones
marked by sleds, skis, and boards
but the one pressed by tears streaming down cheeks.
A daughter sinks into a corner,
crying little tiny ice cubes
as her daddy plays real-life war games.
He grows inside someone he does not recognize,
and they wish each other goodnight from their separate sides.
Like strangers on a hotel bed.